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Daily Hosting Backups - Continuous Data Protection

Daily Backups - Continuous Data Protection

All UnitedHosting customer data is protected by CDP (Continuous Data Protection) technology. CDP allows us to take ultra-reliable backups, 4 times per day, and transport them to a secure off-site location. In any scenario, from a customer deleting a file by mistake, through to "worst case" disasters we are able to promptly restore service from an extremely fresh backup.

Included with all Hosting Plans

All UnitedHosting plans, including dedicated servers, are protected by CDP backups at no additional cost. We believe this is a fantastic example of our commitment and investment in providing superior technology regardless of cost.

4 times daily host backups

Our CDP backup technology is far more efficient compared to traditional backups offered by other hosts - this means our backups are always fresh and you can restore to an extremely recent copy rather than traditional days old data.

56 versions of backups - 2 week archive

We maintain 56 different backups of your data, at four backups per day this means we have a full 2 weeks' worth of archived backups for complete peace-of-mind in the face of any disaster that may occur.

Backing Up Disk Sectors rather than Files

The technology works by backing up changed sectors at disk level, rather than files specifically. This creates a far more reliable backup as well as reducing resource load when backups are being taken during peak times of day.

Quickly Restore Files or Entire Websites

Restoring data from our backups is extremely fast. We can restore individual files or entire websites instantly - Even entire servers can be bare-metal restored to previous recovery points in just a couple of hours!

Remote Backup Maintained Off-site, Remote NAS

Our private network between two datacenters on opposites sides of the city means backups are stored remotely - providing ultimate peace of mind even during “worst case” scenario situations where data recovery is required.

UnitedHosting has invested heavily in CDP protection for all its customers. Does your current host provide you with adequate backups or anything close to our CDP backup infrastructure? Please contact us if you would like to discuss this or any of our other unique hosting advantages.

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